Beautiful Window Decoration Ideas (for Summer Home)

Summer homes need good air circulation, but don’t forget the decoration parts! Window decoration ideas not only embellish the room but also improve your summer home. They provide privacy, beautify the space, and protect you from glaring sunray.

Designer Frank Lloyd Wright said that function and form should work as one. So, why sticking with boring curtains if you can do more? Here three beautiful window decoration ideas to improve any summer house.

Colorful Shades for Window Decoration Ideas

Window Decoration Ideas

Colorful roman shades for window treatmet provide solid protection and privacy. The smooth surface allows manufacturers to get creative with colors and patterns. Some great examples include:

  • Floral roman shades

Floral shades are perfect for brightening the eyes, perfecting to welcome sunny days and increase your mood.

  • Geometric-patterned shades

Geometric patterns have a more contemporary look. You can use these patterns to embellish a gender-neutral room atmosphere.

  • Ombre shades

Ombre shades give you two colors on one shade. Ideal for homeowners who don’t like patterns but still want color variations.

If possible, try finding shades with variations of bright circular patterns. Choose colors such as yellow, orange, or bright green. They mirror summer-related images like the sun or citrus fruits.

Cool Bay Shades Window Ideas

Window Decoration Ideas

Window Treatments Ideas

Window Decoration Ideas

Matchstick Window Blinds

Matchstick window blinds are common in tropical houses. They provide privacy while still letting the air to flow through. They are often made of bamboo and other natural materials, ideal for hot days.

You can find matchstick blinds in various sizes and designs. They are available for a single large window or several smaller windows.

Winows ecoration Ideas

Modern Matchstick Window Decoration

Winows ecoration Ideas

Bamboo Shades Shades Window Treatments

Winows ecoration Ideas

Colorful Window Shutters

For something more solid that reflects classic British homes, try window shutters. Instead of sticking with brown or white, pick bright colors such as sky blue, lime green, or pale orange. Colorful window shutters look great with white, beige, or cream walls.

Don’t find shutter colors that you like? Spend a little money on the coat and paint to upgrade your old shutters.

Winows ecoration Ideas

Inspiring Winows Dcoration Ideas

Fabulous Small Curtain for Living Room WindowWinows ecoration Ideas

Improving window decoration ideas is always a good idea for a summer home. Welcome the sunnier days with these easy but attractive inspirations!

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