Brilliant Stairs Design Ideas (for Perfect Home Interior)

The stair modern is more than just a way from Floor A to Floor B. it should have an impressive and accented design to ooze an unforgettable signature of home. For that reason, try these picture brilliant stairs design ideas.

Homeowners must have plenty of thoughts on how to decorate a living room, bedroom, dining room, and kitchen when they decide to renovate their houses. But they are mostly overlooking the staircase due to its invisible space

The Shape of a Staircase

What shapes of a staircase do you wish to apply? Are you minimalist? Try a straight staircase that offers its simplicity. Or, do you want to display yourself as an energetic young man/woman? Then, curved or spiral shape is the best-fitted one.

stair desing ideas

Staircase L shaped Model

There are many shapes of the staircase, such as transitional, U-shape, L-shape, straight, curved, spiral, and winder. Choose wisely what shape that can be applied to your room size. Personality nuance also matters in in choosing the staircase shape.

staircase L shaped model

Curved Model Design

This is our curved staircase design gallery where you can browse lots of photos or filter down your search with the options below.  We hope you find your inspiration here.  We add new designs every week

stair desing ideas

The Flooring of a Staircase

The floor contributes to your staircase look a lot. The more appealing your staircase floor design, the more stunning staircase you will have. Alternatively, you can choose these four flooring styles of a staircase, such as:

  • Carpeting aims to show its premium level class of the staircase to show a higher social status. Full carpeting or carpet runner is the options for the design.
flooring stair ideas

Hardwood Flooring Model

  • Hardwood offers you a traditional yet simplistic look. You are recommended to apply this flooring style at home if you deliberately like simple things. Give an accent of grey-brown color to expose its farmhouse look! What an amazing country look!
flooring stair ideas

Tile Flooring Model Ideas

  • Tile is for a modern look. Find the sizable tiles for your staircase. Better if you get unique patterns and/or colorful look. Feel free to use different colorful tiles!
tile flooring stairs design

Painted Surface Design

  • Painted surfaces are the best way to show your artistic side. You can cover your plain staircase floor by your own designated pictures. However, you might also need a pro to help you have the best visual result.

The Railing of a Stair Design Ideas

The staircase is never a hundred percent complete without its railing. One can imagine walking on a very narrow space without anything to hold; it is surely dangerous. Therefore, a railing is a must for safety reasons.

This railing does not only offer you safety but also beauty. You need to find which railing is perfect for installing. The other names for railing are spindles, balusters, and handrails. Low contrast color between flooring and railing is great stairs design ideas.

railing stairs ideas

Railing Steel Desing Ideas

A finely designed and selected staircase railing makes a striking visual impression, transforming the everyday mode of ascension into nothing less than a work of eye-catching art.

railing staircase ideas

Wooden Railing Design

From rustic wood to modern metal, discover the top inovation  stair wood railing ideas. Explore stunning indoor staircase design inspiration and styles.

wooden railing stairs

Glass Railing Model

contemporary wooden straight glass railing staircase idea in London with wooden risers closed risers, yet simple glass application. You can apply this design to modern desin in your home.

glass railing ideas

The Lighting of a Staircase

 “There are two kinds of light – the glow that illuminates, and the glare that obscure.” –James Thurber

Help the staircase illuminates its adorable glowing light with distinguished lighting ideas. Installing lighting fixtures on the wall or using hanging lights is a more common strategy. However, it still offers an artistic feeling. If you want to feel another sensation of lighting fixture, you can try the underside lighting.

lighting stair ideas

Under Step Lighting

These outdoor step lights look beyond cool; they make up the stairs themselves. Lighting up the garden with a passion no other step light could. It makes itself the center of attention at night. Perfect for people that like luxury yet unique appearance. So modern and sleek.

lighting stair ideas

In the end, those stairs design ideas are only ideas if you are not applying them. Therefore, act and give the best care of your staircase.  Show the world that the staircase can be a focal point in the house if only every homeowner takes good care of it.

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