7 Clever Small Living Room Ideas for Cozier Space

Of all the rooms in a house, a living room seems to be the most important. Besides a classic design for a spacious living room, small living room ideas currently become the new favorite.

A living room should provide a warm and comfortable atmosphere as it is used to get together with family members and entertain guests who pay a visit. If you only have a small space for the living room, the following ideas will help you turn it into a cozier area. Other than that you can insert creative ideas about stairs modern ideas

Provide Natural light

One of the primary concepts in the small living room ideas is providing natural light. Your small space will look dim and unattractive when it is not exposed to the bright rays that come from outside.

Therefore, make sure to add plenty of light into the room by building a large window, uncovering the curtain, or installing a seamless sliding door. You can also choose a nice lighting fixture that gives the room a sense of bright, natural light after the sun sets.

Small Living Room Ideas


small living room with natural light


Small Living Room Ideas


Use the Space in the Corner

The American actor Jason Winston George once said, “The living room is where we come to think, to slow down the world for a second.” What he said implicitly suggests that a living room should be a place for us to relax and take a break for a little while.

In line with Mr. George’s quote, you can rely on a space in the corner to create an exclusive, yet relaxing area. An L-shaped sofa in medium size works well with this arrangement. Don’t forget to add a small coffee table for your convenience.

Small Living Room Ideas


small living room ideas in the corner


Small Living Room Ideas


Go for Small Sized Furniture

Small-scale furniture is must-have items for a cozy small living room. There are many options available to go with this design. For instance, you can choose stools instead of a big sofa or armless chair instead of bulky armchairs.

Keep in mind that in the minimalist design, less means more. By choosing small-scale furniture, you actually create a more practical and comfortable living room.

small living room Small Sized Furniture


Small Living Room Ideas

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Small Living Room Ideas

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Small Living Room Ideas on a Budget.

One of the best ways to optimize your small space is opting for furniture that has double or many functions. This type of furniture is also a great choice for those who want to decorate a small living room on a budget. Here are some examples of multifunctional furniture.

  • A table made of old trunk. In addition to holding your drinks and meals, this piece of furniture can serve as a hidden storage.
  • An ottoman which doubles as a coffee table. When it is not used as a seating place, you can put the drinks or books on them.
  • An open shelf on the wall. Besides storing your collections, this type of shelf can be used to show photographs as decoration.
Small Living Room Ideas

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Small Living Room Ideas on a Budget.

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Small Living Room Ideas


Include Texture on the Furnishings

Texture plays a big role in the small living room ideas; it contributes well to the design while providing a warm atmosphere. Additionally, textured furnishings give the room a nice visual interest.

There are many options of textured furnishings to choose from. You can go with leather chair, woolen rug, or some tactile cushions on the sofa.

Small Living Room Texture on the Furnishings


Small Living Room Ideas

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Small Living Room Ideas

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Use the Wall Effectively

When most parts of the floor in a small living room have been occupied with furniture, it’s time for you to decorate the wall effectively. Although the minimalist design goes for clean wall with neutral paint color, decorating the wall with wallpaper is surely not a mistake.

However, you should choose wallpaper with vertical patterns since it is the most suitable option for your small space. Additionally, to make the small living room look bigger, you can create a vertical illusion by hanging a decorative mirror on the wall.

Small Living Room Wall Effectively


Small Living Room Ideas

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Small Living Room Ideas

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Add a Houseplant

Last but not least, place a potted houseplant as an additional decoration in the living room. A touch of greenery is a fascinating way to make your small space look bigger and fresher at the same time. You can place it on the corner or behind the seating area.

Small Living Room Add a Houseplant

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Small Living Room Ideas


Small Living Room Ideas


With the small living room ideas above, having a limited space will not be a problem anymore. Those suggestions will help you create a get-together space which is not only comfortable, but also look attractive in design.

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