Refreshing Living Room Decor Ideas (with Plants)

Plants have magical effects in your interior decoration. Adding plants in living room decor ideas brings outdoor charm into the house. The green color is easy on the eyes, helping you to relax, especially if you face the screens all day.

Interior designer David Hicks said that the best rooms reflect the life and personalities of the people who use them. Adding plants in your living room will emphasize your beautiful taste and relaxed mindset.

Living Room Decor Ideas with Wall Plants

Place your plants on the wall to save space and add accents. Some living room ideas with wall plants include:

  • Open shelves

Install several simple shelves on the wall. Place mini potted plants with any combination you like.

  • Mini tin pots

Stick several mini tin pots on the wall with super glue. Create a vertical garden by adding soil, moss, and mini succulents. Secure the soil with chicken wire sheet.

  • Mason jar garden

Tie several mason jars to the wall with metal rings. Grow mini plants and succulents in these jars. Choose several plants with flowy foliage to create accents.

You can add wall decorations such as paintings and artworks that look great with the plants. Together, they create an amazing, refreshing look.

DIY Plant Themed Living Room Decor

Living Room Decor Ideas


DIY Indoor Plants Decor Ideas

Living room decor

Living Room Decoration With Plants Ideas

Living room decor

Living Room with Air Purifying Plants

Do you know that some plants have air purifying effect? You can decorate the living room with air purifying plants to improve everyone’s health quality. Many of these plants are easy to find, cheap, and quite diverse.

According to the NASA Clean Air Study, the best plants to have include spider plant, Boston fern, English ivy, snake plant, peace lily, chrysanthemum, and Chinese evergreen.

DIY Air Purifying Plants

living room decor ideas

Indoor Air Purifying Plants Ideas

living room decor ideas

Planter Ideas Air Purifying Living Room

living room decor ideas

Water Plants for Living Room Decor

Glass jars and water plants for living room décor create a unique, “airy” look. The green parts look prominent, but the lack of soil opens more visual space. You can pick common plants that don’t require soil, such as begonia, philodendron, geranium, and English ivy.

Indoor Water Garden Ideas

living room decor ideas

Living Room With Water Plant

living room decor ideas

Living room decor ideas with plants bring joy and relaxation into any houses. Try one of these simple ideas to transform your living room.


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