Stunning Fire Pit Ideas (Medieval Edition)

Mankind first built fire pits 200.000 years ago. Yet as antique as it is, people nowadays still love to have the burning pits in their backyard, for its practical use and aesthetic. If you love the classic look, we have more medieval fire pit ideas just for you.

Not only it would look natural, with the right touch, but fire pits with medieval style are just as stunning as the modern one and beautify your backyard. Check out our recommendations below to start building one!

fire pit ideas

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Irregular Stacked Stone

Regular circular stones are out, irregular stacked stones are in. To create this gorgeous stacked stone fire pit style is easy all you have to do is stack stones with different sizes circularly. The more random the stones’ sizes are, the more natural your fire pit will look.

fire pit ideas

DIY Fire Pit

As for the chair, you can use tree stumps to add a point on the natural theme. Any kind of wooden chair works too, but tree stumps will blend well with nature. A bigger tree stump can be used as a table too.

In addition, you can either use stone tiles or wood flooring for extra details. The combinations will create a perfect medieval look for your backyard.

DIY Fire Pit

Design With Chair

Curved brick bench around a circular brick fire pit on red brick patio. Patio chairs complement the bench. Flagstone fire pit patio with curved stone bench in the middle of a sprawling backyard. L-shaped brick bench around a rectangle propane fire pit table on flagstone patio.

fire pit ideas


Fire Pit Ideas Under the Ground

Tired of seeing table-like fire pits? Then dig deeper!

With deepness of six to twelve inches below the surrounding grade, the floor’s shape becomes the major part of this type of fire pits. To make the choosing processes easy, here are some flooring options you can use for your medieval-themed underground fire pit:

fire pit underground

fire pit underground

  • Gravel, spread in a circular area around the fire pit
  • Non-patterned cobblestone using rounded pebbles
  • Rustic pavers; the jagged it is, the better
  • Go natural with the greens (but don’t forget to use stone around the pit)

Keep in mind that underground fire pits will look simple, so in order to make it stands out, you can always build a seat wall all around it.

fire pit underground

Rectangular Fireplace design

gas fireplace table rectangular fire as shown hand hammered copper finish. Gas fireplace under mantel decor ideas with rectangular outdoor

fire pit ideas

Roman Style Brazier Fire Pit

Nothing shouts ‘medieval’ better than ancient Roman stuff. For their fire pits, Roman usually uses a charcoal metal brazier with three legs. It’s small, but as a Roman phrase once said, “omnium rerum principia parva stunt” which means “the beginnings of all things are small.”

However, setting the surrounding to match a roman style brazier fire pit can be quite tricky. The metal is perfect for a barbeque party, but not so much if it’s near a swimming pool. That is why a garden with pavers for the brazier’s footing would be a good start.

To run with the medieval theme, you can use stone chairs around it. Or if it’s not stone, metal chairs with antique ornaments would be a good fit.


A Fireplace Inside the Wall

fire pit might sound weird at first, but actually, it will make your backyard wall seems like a medieval defensive wall during a war.

Running it with a medieval theme is easy. You only need to add a few wooden chairs, and maybe build something around it like small steps or a fish pool complete with a wooden bridge to make it look like a pathway toward a castle.

fire pit design

Design in Medival Style

However, to make it works, the fire pit has to be built with the same materials as the wall. So, if you want to build the wall using brick, the flooring and the fire pit should be made out of brick too.

fire pit design

Designing a medieval style fire pits isn’t as easy as it sounds. Nature plays a big part in it, but one can’t be hasty about it. Hopefully, these fire pit ideas can help you build a stunning fire pit of your dream!


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