DIY Wooden Desk (Low-Budget Desk Hacks)

Buying more than 3 desks will cost you a lot. Why not try these 23 magical DIY wooden desk ideas below? You are not only saving money but also exposing the aesthetic nuance of the wooden desk to your home. Just need the right know how.

Children do homework, and parents do business on a desk. Eventually, you will need more than three desks for your family members’ private used. For that reason, a house sometimes has a desk in every room especially in your home office.

wooden desk ideas

DIY Wooden Desk Pallet

If you have old pallets and stair spindles at home but no idea what to do, you need to upcycle them into a brand-new desk. They will result in a wonderful DIY wooden desk

Start with preparing the materials you need, such as:

  • pallets
  • stair spindles
  • screws
  • pocket hole screws
  • paints
  • sandpaper
  • wood glue.
diy wooden desk

Stair Spindles (Recycled)

Then, smooth the pallets and stair spindles with sandpaper before installing them. Gray-brown color is best to expose the classic wood color, use it as the desk’s paint. Adjoin five to six pallets with the wood glue to meet the desk size.

If all are ready, install the pallets on the top of the stair spindles with wood glue. It is advised to screw them to secure the pallets to the stair spindles. Once you finish, you will see your magical work.

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Plywood Desk for Kids

More schoolchildren mean more desks to prepare. Usually, each child wants a different desk style based on their imagination. Why don’t you try to customize your children’s desks so that they will not complain about their desks?

Pipes and plywood will help you to make remarkable kids’ desks. Things to prepare are plywood, pipe, slip tee fittings, slip elbow fittings, end caps, pipe glue, and screws.

diy wooden desk

Customized Desk with Pipes

You need to fit all pipes, slip tee, and slip elbow fittings together to create the desk base.

Remember to create the desk base based on your children’s requests. As William Shakespeare once said, “it is a wise father that knows his own child.” In the end, you need to screw and glue the plywood on the pipe desk base.

desk with Pipes


Wall Mounted Computer Desk

This DIY desk is intended for small space room. All you need are wooden boards, a pair of string, hinges, screws, and sandpaper. Just like other desk’s hacks, you need to make sure that your wooden boards are smooth—if it is not, make use of your sandpaper.

How does the material work? Wall-mount the wooden boards with the hinges’ support and then wall-mount the string as the holder. Here you go, a simple wall-mounted computer desk is ready to use.

Wall Computer Desk

Wooden Pallet Computer Desk Ideas

However, finish your desk with colors. Pamper your eyes by painting the wooden boards with your favorite colors. Or, make a visual illusion to meet its comfort look by applying layers or tones selection.

wall komputer desk

DIY Sawhorses-Legged Wooden Desk

A clever trick to make DIY desk on a budget is to use used items. Do you have pairs of sawhorses? If yes, you could use them as your desk’s legs. You need additional materials such as wooden boards, wood glue, and screws.

Install the desk with the wood glue. You are advised to strengthen the joint of wooden boards and sawhorses with screws. Finally, your infinite sawhorses-legged wooden desk is ready to use.

Hopefully, these DIY wooden desk give you the courage to start making your desk. Let the old items turn to a lovely brand-new desk. You will not regret it.




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