Splendid DIY Furniture Ideas from Recycled Materials

We can start by using eco friendly materials for you who wants to make DIY furniture ideas. So, here are four DIY furniture you can start to become environmentally friendly. Let’s be clear, people are growing more political these days. It’s getting boring and annoying.

We want to scream: we have enough! Let’s focus on something important above all, for example, environmentally living room.

DIY Plastic Bottles Furniture

Probably, plastic bottles are our biggest dumped material in the world. The Guardian says that we throw a million bottle a minute, ain’t that crazy? Yes. Now, we urge to make a difference. Let’s go.

diy plactic bottle furniture


Diy Bottle Cap Table

Yes, it is very familiar. But then again, the table are one of the most effective media that can recycle cap bottles on a large scale.  Just try to use unique bottles to make an eccentric yet eco-friendly DIY furniture.

diy bottle cap table


Canopy Plastic Bottles

We remember the news of a guy who makes an island using tons of plastic bottles, how about making plastic bottle flying in the air. Arrange them into a wide sheet, then tie each corner with a strong rope to make it fly.

diy canopy plastic bottles


DIY Makeup Room Organizer

Do you have large plastic bottles? Then you can renew your storage system. Cut the bottle into a drawer-like shape, then put another bottle above it. Do it again until it looks like a real handcrafted drawer.

DIY Makeup Room organizer


Creat Furniture with Old Denim

Come on, we all have denim. Do we still have the denim in our junior school era? If you still have them, and if you happen to get your sofa torn apart, then use it. Just cover the whole sofa with denim to make it more aesthetic.

Don’t stop right there. There’s a lot of business to be improved here. Now mention it, carpet, curtain, drawer, or tablecloth, are just the beginning of our handmade furniture list to do.

DIY chair reuse old jeans


Make a Recyled Denim

I showed you these fabric baskets that I had made using the legs of an old pair of jeans. They are just so quick and easy to make. Here’s the how to, so you can make your own denim fabric baskets using pre-loved jeans.

denim fabric basket


DIY Furniture Ideas Using Paper

Remember our favorite interior designers saying, “The details are not the details. They make the design”? We can apply this whole details thing of newspaper to make our signature homemade furniture.

There are two ways to make fancy detailed furniture. First, using a rolled paper to make a stick. You can use it to make a drawer, curtain, until chair. Second, using paper pulp. This material is like cement for concrete. You can make a vast cabinet until a frame from this.

paper cup lamp


Make Cool Furniture Using Cans

If you drink soda or beer, keep those cans. This kind of material is strong and unique. Dozens of cans are a huge asset to make wonderful eco-friendly and do-it-yourself furniture.

We can start from the easiest one, table. Arrange the cans into a large square-shaped and until strong enough to get installed with wood or glass board. You can also make a chair, cabinet or even chandelier in many and creative ways.

make table using cans


These are just a few recycle material to make DIY furniture, you can always find another in your home, like cartons, clothes, or even shattered glasses. Just be creative, enjoy your time, and more importantly, don’t harm our earth.

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