Space Saving Bookshelf Ideas (Worth Invested)

Do you have the same problem? Alright, do not panic, even if you cannot help it. Consider these four bookshelf ideas first to give your new books another place to stay

Most bookworms who prefer the physical version of a book allocate their time and savings to buy books regularly. First, it seems okay. Then, one day they realize that their racks or boxes to keep the incoming books are slowly becoming out of stock.

Wall Decorated with Bookshelf Ideas

It is not obligatory to always put things on the floor or tables. Now look around your room and start to imagine how your books can be beautifully arranged on the walls.

If you wonder how wall bookshelf even will work, check out these inspirations to help you emphasize the picture on your mind.

wall bookshelf

  • Square shelves

Yes, you who always go with the basic and simple, I am pointing at you. This one offers lots of space to fit all your books, and you do not even need much work to put them on the wall. Play with the paint to make it not so monotonous, and you are set.

bookshelf ideas

  • Intersecting shelves

One step above the square shelves, this idea gives a more pleasant visual without losing the needed space. To explain it, intersecting shelves are like when those square corners cross with one another, creating a subtle chain structure in a glance.

Wall Decorating Shelves Home Office

bookshelf ideas

bookshelf ideas

Hidden Shelves Ideas

I am literally not talking about magicks. Also goes by with the name of conceal shelves, it comes as this thin and tiny metal piece mounted into the wall using drywall anchors. Do not judge it yet, because it can stack up to 9 kg of your books.

hidden bookshelf

Wood Crate Bookshelf Living Room

Next time you see several unused wood crates lying around after a heavy item delivery or wine-tasting session, pick it up and reuse it again. You can apply this ideas in living room.

Stack them together, give it a good punch on the nails, paint it over, and put it near your couch or sofa to be used as an end table alongside bookcase. Not only save more space, but wood crate bookshelf are also very functional, aren’t they?

wood crate shelves

Hand Crafted Small Wood Crate

Wood Crate Bookshelf

DIY Wood Create Bookshelf

diy bookshelf

Bookshelf Ladder Ideas

Grab a set of plastic or timber stairs you have, and flatten the staircases if the ladder is not structured diagonally. You want it to be vertically standing instead. Make sure to seize another set of ladders to support the book weight later. Easy ladder bookshelf ideas, right?

ladder bookshelves

PVC Ladder Bookshelves Inspiration

ladder bookshelves

Built-in Bookshelf Ideas

A room without books is like a body without a soul.” ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

If you have a long holiday ahead or need some activity to unwind, why don’t you put “implementing built-in bookshelf ideas” into your to-do list? Moreover, if you do not want to gather the required necessities yourself, why don’t you also put “visiting IKEA”?

Built-in Bookshelf Ideas

Attic Bookshelves Ideas

bookshelves ideas

Picture the TV in your living room surrounded with not only your well-organized books but also the plants, accessories, and photo frames. If your house has a fireplace, you can do the built-in shelves project around it.

Hopefully, these ideas can get you inspired to start your bookshelf ideaproject! Make sure that the aim is to give your book collections a comfortable place with a dash of personality. That still can let people see inside your soul for who you really are.

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