Effective Bed Storage Ideas [for a Small Bedroom]

Sometimes, we sit quietly and start to wonder about how small our rooms are. We have a bed, tables, chairs, cabinet, wardrobe, until bookshelves. We begin to understand that bed storage ideas is the problem here. It’s so big and takes up so much space.

Imagine if you have claustrophobia, how stressful it is? A bedroom is supposed to be our territory to run business, dream, and other private activities. We need to find a way to make this right, and here’s how:

Unique frames for Bed Storage

If your bed looks so large for your small bedroom, the first thing you need to do is to work with the frames. You can manipulate the bed frames in many ways, for example:

  • Storage Bed Frame

This is so standard yet so helpful. You can find people complain about their small room, but then again, they never try this idea. So, begin with the easiest way, put or buy a bed with drawers underneath.

DIY Storage Bed Frame

Diy Storage Bed


Ideas For Under Bed Storage

storage Bed Frame


  • Storage bed with wheels

If your bed is already equipped with storage, add it with wheels. If we can move a mountain, it would be a new superpower. However, we don’t need a superpower to move a bed, it’s just some little wheels.

bed storage ideas


How To Use Wheels Storage Bed

  • Hanging bed

Wait, we still want that superpower. We want to fly. So, what are we going to do? Hanging it! Get this idea like a bookshelf hanging on the wall or use some rope to hang the bed on the ceiling. The gained space will be massive.

hanging bed


Hanging Bed For Boy Bedroom

hanging bed ideas


Swivel Wall Bedroom for More Storage

If suddenly you need to buy a new bed, or even insist on getting a queen storage bed, consider buying a swivel wall bed. It is very effective and efficient because the bed is literally gone.

Furthermore, some of these products are available with more unique and useful stuff, for example, built-in bookshelf, closet, or even cabinet. It will totally change your storage system because now you have full-size bed storage.

bedroom wall storage ideas


Small Bedroom Wall Storage

bedroom wall storage ideas


Wall Storage for Kids Bedroom

bedroom wall storage ideas


bedroom wall storage ideas


Built-in Bunk for More Efficient Bedroom 

Bunk bed perhaps will be more associated with kids. But if we really need more space, maybe this is the best choice because it doesn’t consume any space for our bedroom.

As we make this as a built-in, consider making bed storage as much as possible. We can put drawers, shelves, closet, until the cabinet underneath the bed. We can also choose the design as elegant or unique as we want. If it is for kids, we can apply storage bed twin.

bunk bed ideas


Attic Bunk Bed Ideas

bunk bed ideas


Bunk Bed Steel Design

bunk bed ideas


Chair Bed Storage Ideas

If we are currently a member of the function-oriented club, maybe this is our best choice. We can use it to sit or sleep. Nothing is more effective than this.

Don’t forget, we can also choose the type that has a handy storage drawer. We can also consider choosing the removable mattress type for the best experience when we want to sleep or just sit.

chair bed storage ideas


Futon Sofa Bed With Storage

chair bed storage ideas


Barry Dixon, an interior designer, said that “A room should start a conversation before people actually start exchanging words”. Maybe he is right. The thing is, how could we have a conversation if our room is full? So, bed storage ideas is our option to open the conversation.

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