Inspiring Bathroom Shower Curtains Ideas (That Totally Looks Great)

Have you ever just looked at your bathroom and noticed that something might be missing? If you agree, then you may want to consider putting some bathroom shower curtains ideas there. It will definitely lighten up the room.

Now, execute your plan into action by surveying and deciding which first according to your taste and preference. This article will hit you up with five inspiration ideas on the matter without disregarding the fact that the curtain should still look fabulous.

Minimalist Bathroom Shower Curtains

This trend is not only for people who want to declutter their closet and live with only two pairs of jeans. For you with an uncomplicated style dilemma, embrace these minimalist bathroom shower curtains ideas by:

  • Going with the basic

Get one colored curtain of your choice, and then sew tassels or fringes around its edge with a completely different color to build contrast. The final result is cute without being too obvious.

bathroom shower curtains ideas

  • Trying motifs.

If you like a picture of a Siberian tiger roaring its mouth in a jungle, have someone print it on the curtain for you. If you prefer something calmer without feeling too bland, try one with stripes or checkers. Be free!

bathroom shower curtains ideas

  • Taking a peek at geometric designs

Geometric does not only come in overpriced dresses or paintings. Make your bathroom one edge away from trendy using the intricate yet elegant geometric designs out there. A little grace never hurts, right?

bathroom shower curtains ideas

Vintage Bathroom Shower Curtains Ideas

The thing about being vintage is that it never goes out of fashion.” ― Anthony T. Hincks

Instead of fashion, turn out that it is possible to feel as if you are in a 19th-century civilization while showering, too.

You can hang a fabric with brown-ish base color and rugged texture under those sketched roses swirls with flying teal birds and letter handwriting on ink. It is time to channel your inner old soul in your bathroom with this vintage bathroom shower curtainsidea.

bathroom shower curtains ideas

Industrian Shower Curtain Ideas

bathroom shower curtains ideas

Small Bathroom with With Vintage Curtains

bathroom shower curtains ideas

Inspiration Shower Curtains Ideas

Make your bathroom into a high-class and sophisticated European style using this Battenburg lace bathroom shower curtains idea.

It commonly comes in a delicately complex hand-stitched lace combined with machine-woven tapes shaped resembling geometric, leaves or flowers. In short, it is just a bunch of elegance packed into one item.

bathroom shower curtains ideas

Shower Curtain Pattern Ideas

bathroom shower curtains ideas

Unique Shower Curtains and Accessories

bathroom shower curtains ideas

Amazing Shower Curtains

This idea is targeted for you who adore practicality and anything with less effort. Like bathroom shower curtains and matching window curtains.

For this, the only thing left to do is to observe your existing window curtains. Make a purchase for an exact one with some modifications to fit the showering space.

Another suitable inspiration towards its function is bathroom shower curtains with mesh pocketthat are starting to look attractive for a big family living in one house.

Awesome Ruffle Shower Curtain Ideas

bathroom shower curtains ideas

Those pockets can accommodate every family member because they can place their toiletries in their own pocket without fearing it gets exchanged or lost. You can implement this idea and still lose your dental floss, you now know exactly whom to ask.

Black And White Curtains Ideas

bathroom shower curtains ideas

With these inspiring inputs to help you start decorating your bathroom, hopefully, you are not stuck anymore. This is just bathroom shower curtains ideas, and your mind can make up much more designs to your liking and modify them as much as possible.

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