Budget Bathroom Remodel Ideas (Pocket-friendly Designs)

Are you ready to give a new touch to your old bathroom? To build a spa-like bathroom, you surely need big money. However, you can still renovate the bathroom with an affordable budget. Want to know how to get a bathroom that is not only convenient but also charming? Let’s follow our budget bathroom remodel ideas!

Do it by adding or updating some elements in the bathroom.

Repaint the Bathroom Wall

If your budget is limited, repainting can be the right choice for brightening your bathroom look. Sure, this bathroom redecorating ideas will bring new energy.

“You don’t have to be ‘a creative’ to be creative.” –Drory Ben-Menachem

Repainting is also needed to repair the wall surface that starts to dull, eliminating the growth of mold or mildew too. Never hesitate to invest in high-quality wall paint for a durable and smooth finish.

bathroom Remodel Ideas


Two Color Bathroom Wall Ideas

bathroom Remodel Ideas


Green Color Scheme Wall Bathroom

bathroom Remodel Ideas


DIY Bathroom Ideas on a Budget

It is one of the bathroom remodel ideas you should try. Focus on small details. Then, invest in upgrading items such as towel racks, sink, drawers, faucet, and much more. Farmhouse bathroom storage can be an interesting idea. Prepare this:

  • a piece of old wood
  • 3 Mason jars
  • 3 clamps

You know what to do, right? Use clamps to attach the Mason jar to the wood. Done! It’s simple but artistic. Instead of leaving the wall clean, just hang some cool posters.

If you can draw, try repainting the bathroom in dark colors first. Then, outline the wall using chalk. Simple and inexpensive, of course! The rest depends on your creativity to decorate the bathroom walls.

bathroom Remodel Ideas


Before After Remodel Bathroom

bathroom Remodel Ideas


DIY Budget Bathroom Renovation

bathroom Remodel Ideas


Unique Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Make your simple bathroom more practical by installing a decorative mirror. The choice of this mirror can be adapted to the size and needs of the bathroom. If you have a tiny room, don’t hesitate to use a half-length mirror.

Consider the right shape and frame to make the bathroom more aesthetic. But, if you have a fairly spacious bathroom, use a full-length mirror.

Bathroom Mirror Ideas


Unique Powder Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom Mirror Ideas


Round Bathroom Mirror Ideas

Bathroom Mirror Ideas


Spa-like Bathroom Designs

Take the spa to your bathroom! You only need a porous rubber mat, natural river stones, and waterproof glue. Just create a spa-style mat from all of these components. Free yourself to design and create an ethnic stone mat.

Place it under the shower to give a gentle massage effect to your foot. Spending on a copper sink is an excellent idea. Buying second-hand sink is also a wise option, as long as the condition is quite good.

Spa Bathroom Remodel


Japanese Spa Bathroom Design

Spa Bathroom Remodel


Small Bathroom with Spa Like Ideas

Spa Bathroom Remodel


Give Green Injections Bathroom

Try placing small decorative indoor plants in the bathroom for a green touch of nature. Not only attractive, but even your simple bathroom will also feel cooler!

There are many kinds of ornamental plants that you can pick. If you prefer houseplants with easy care, choose succulents. Bamboo and orchids are also interesting options. To control the growth of bamboo, tie the tree trunks. Yes, orchid care will be a little tricky. But, its beauty is unmatched.

plant for bathroom ideas


Amazing Bathroom with Bamboo Ideas

plant for bathroom ideas


Get some inspiration from this bathroom remodel ideas? Let’s make your bathroom the coziest place at home. Budget is not an obstacle to creation, as long as you can take advantage of everything around you.



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