Inspiring Bathroom Decor Ideas (Scandinavian Style)

Designing a bathroom is sometimes a little tricky. The balance between the aesthetic and functional side must be in harmony. These bathroom decor ideas, which feature Scandinavian look, can be the right option to increase both aspects in the room itself.

Also, the dominance of white in a Scandinavian style gives the impression of being clean and spacious. This interior design is also decent to be applied to a small bathroom and bathroom storage. Then, let’s find out Scandinavian bathroom decorating ideas that work best for you!

Scandinavian Bathroom with Freestanding Bathtub

If size doesn’t matter to you, a modern freestanding bathtub perfects your Scandinavian bathroom. It can be one of the inspiring that enliven your wet room.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” —Leonardo Da Vinci

Simplicity can give an astounding finish. Like when you put a modern curved freestanding bathtub in the corner of the bathroom. Aside from highlighting the interior design, this artful furniture can provide more comfort.

Also, embellish the bathroom with rectangular under mount sink and Scandinavian white cabinets. Use the same theme for the floor and wall. White marble texture can be an attractive focus for a clean look.

Bathroom Decor Ideas

Freestanding Bathtub Ideas

Bathroom Decor Ideas

Stunning Freestanding Bath

Bathroom Decor Ideas


White Bathroom with Wood Tiled Floor

Add natural elements to your Scandinavian bathroom decor. Surely, a wood-tiled floor can give a warm yet iconic viewpoint. Simply place medium tone wood floor for the finishing.

Install a modern oval vessel sink for attractive accents, too. Combine it with white-painted flat panel cabinets or quartz countertops as a compliment. Meanwhile, undermount cabinet lighting is a unique detail to put in.

White Bathroom Idesa

Modern White Bathroom with Wood Floor

White Bathroom Ideas

Callier and Thompson

Designing White Small Bathroom Unique

White Bathroom Ideas

Large Round Mirror as a Focal Point

Give a focal point, such as a large round mirror, in the middle of the bathroom. Enhance with Scandinavian white tile floor for a voguish look. Further, install light tone flat-panel cabinets under the mirror.

A rectangle undermount tub is a key to perfecting your decor. Then, keep the white hues on the wall. As for the floor, choose a white or grayish marble design. Investing in wood countertops is also a brilliant idea, which warms up space.

Bathroom Decor mirror ideas


Modern Scandinavian Bathroom with Round Mirror

Bathroom Decor mirror ideas

Bathroom Decor mirror ideas

Bathroom Decor mirror ideas


Make it Green with Indoor Plants

This is one of the bathroom decor ideas that you should try. The bathroom area doesn’t have to be stiff.  Put some potted indoor plants to evoke the atmosphere. The following are enthralling indoor plants for the bathroom:

  • Bromelia
  • Gardenia
  • Spathiphyllum
  • Orchid flower
  • Peace lily

Green is always able to create freshness. So, put a mini succulent in the small bathroom, precisely on the sink or near the window. For a spacious room, choose only large indoor plants.

bathroom plants ideas

Classicfi Reservices

Bathroom Decor with Indoor Plants

bathroom plants ideas

Bathroom Plant Ideas

bathroom plants ideas

Accentuate it with Monochrome Colors

Highlight the Scandinavian style with the monochrome decor. Jazz up the room with monochrome accented furniture, or paint the wall with such theme. Monochrome is usually dominated by black, white, or grey.

Invest in light-tone wood cabinets and marble vanity countertops, which give aesthetic perspective to the bathroom. Lastly, polish with a rectangular mirror.

Bathroom with Monochrome Colors


Minimalist Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom with Monochrome Colors


Hopefully, these bathroom decor ideas can be your inspiration. There is no limit to creativity, so don’t be afraid to execute your designs.


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