Cozy Attic Bedroom Ideas For Home Minimalist

For teenage girls, a bedroom is more than a place to sleep—it’s a private palace where they can be themselves and do whatever they want. It means coziness is a must, especially if you’re building one in an attic. Here are attic bedroom ideas for your inspirations.

Keep in mind that small space has limited options or organized bed storage, so you need to use any available surfaces—even the slanted ceilings. You can find how it is done here.

The Basic Mirror Attic Bedroom

Leonardo Davinci once said, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

And true enough, you can’t go wrong with the basic but not everyone gets what ‘basic’ for a teenage girl is. To make it easy, a basic attic bedroom for teenage girl is essentially the same as any other bedroom, added with a little detail: a mirror.

attic bedroom ideas

The position should be comfortable too. It’s best to put the mirror on a wall cupboard, with bed on the center vertically aligned with the window. That way, light could get in and illuminate the entire room and organized bed storage.

attic bedroom ideas

Natural Light Bedroom

The unused spaces on the wall can be used for book-shelves or study desk while the spaces under the bed can be used for additional clothes cabinet. The rest is up to them to do as they please.

attic bedroom ideas

Natural light bedroom

DIY Attic Bedroom For Teenagers

A bedroom would be the “storage” for the stuff you like. And a productive hobby should be supported because teens are so prone to get distracted. With hobbies, teenagers have a higher chance to dodge the bullet of becoming a drop out, addict or teen parent.

attic space bed

decor bedroom ideas

A Hobby Customized Bedroom

Depending on the hobbies, there are several hobby-customized bedroom tips you can try:

  • If she likes to read, use the triangle side of the ceiling to build a massive bookshelf. Don’t use the slanted wall to avoid creating a redundant space.
  • For a teen that loves music, a keyboard can be put behind the window, stereos in each side of the bed. However, you might want to consider sound-proofing the attic’s floor.
  • Sporty teenage girls might enjoy a strenuous activity. For their attic bedroom, you can add rock climbing arena under the slanted ceilings.
  • If the girl is a member of a dance club, free up as much space as possible. Use a mattress instead of bed so the room can be temporarily changed into a dance studio
  • For artsy teens, the bedroom can be half painting/photo studio too. The model stand has to be in the light’s pathway, while in the night the small space would be advantageous for artificial light.
DIY attic Bedroom

attic bedroom ideas

Modern Attic Bedroom

Modern Attic Bedroom

The “Night Over” Attic Bedroom Ideas

Some teenage girls love to have a slumber party. But without proper preparation, an attic bedroom is not suitable for that.

You can, however, put a lot of hidden beds to create a night over attic bedroom. The easiest one is to use a trundle bed. But in case it’s not enough, you can hide bedroom on the second floor of a large closet and use the stair as a bookshelf.

attic night bedroom

Low Ceiling Bedroom Colors

attic bedroom color


A Compact Attic Bedroom

Although it’s called a bedroom, a teenage girl might still use it for eating. It’s problematic if there is not enough space to separate a study desk with an eating desk or a sleeping bed.

attic room color

Small Bedroom Attic Ideas

To solve this, you can build a compact attic bedroom with a loft double bed and a three-way table under it. For the first floor, one table side is a vanity area, one side is for studying, and another side for eating. The second floor is where the girl sleep.

decor attic bedroom

Sometimes you need a second head in setting up an attic bedroom for a teenage girl. The various cozy attic bedroom ideas hopefully can get your creative gear running.


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